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How Does It Work?
How Does It Work?
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It's Simply People Giving and Asking for Cash Unconditionally.

No Question Ask

This is neither a non-profit or for profit site hence it is merely a non-conditional site where anyone can give cash, ask for a cash blessings (tide) and or do both with absolutely no attachment, condition or question ask.

About 911 Cash Blessings & Tel-i-Vision Universal

911 Cash Blessings is one of the many creations and divisions of Tel-i-Vision Un-i-versal. Tel-i-Vision Un-i-versal Was founded by Sun Prince more than 10 years ago. It's primary goal is to write, create and produce, books, screenplays, things, Services and products to  enrich people’s lives physically, mentally, spiritually and economically, thus the knowing of one’s selves mentally, physically and spiritually.

The only Intention of 911cashblessings is to enrich lives unconditionally thus pleasing the Creator/Creation via :Sharing, Love, Honesty, Support, Respect & Dignity, Unconditionally is our Motto.


"Enrichment/Empowerment for Everyone"... If you agree please remember that your participation is nhblessing to work. Be the giving & receiving person you are". 

1. It is simple. You can either ask for a ‘911Cashblessing for any of your dreams, plans or ideas and or you can donate a 911 ‘Cash’ blessing to the ‘911Cashblessings' 'Pot'


2. Or you can in good faith do both> Donate and also ask for a 911cashblessing


3. At the end of each month the  4 'Askers' with the most 'like' clicks will split the  911cashblessings ‘Pot’ equally, minus 10% for administrative cost plus  pay-pal stander processing fee cost 


4. A cash giver may give to a specific Asker by stating it. The Asker will receive the full amount minus the 10% administrative cost plus  pay-pal stander processing fee cost  . The Asker will still share the remaining 911Cashblessings equally, if said Asker is one of the 4 people to receive the most 'like' clicks

5. Askers must leave email contact to receive their 911Cashblessing at the end of the month. If there is no email contact info for any of the 4 'Askers' with the most 'like clicks' , any said Askers must email his/her email contact no later than the 3rd of the preceding month or said Asker will forfeit his or her portion of the '911Cashblessing'. His or her share will go to administrative cost.

6. The 911cashblessings cycle starts on the first of each month and ends on the end of said month.

7. There must be a minimum of 100 'Askers' by the end of each month for the 911cashblessings pot to be cashed out. If the minimum of 100 'Askers' is not reached the 911cashblessings pot will be carried over to the next month's  911cashblessings pot


8. We trust that you will make honest & needed request, as participation is unconditional. No question ask


9. We trust that you will always give and receive/ask often, as long as there is a  911 cash need somewhere in the world, thus, truly mastering the art of “Giving & Receiving". The true essence of 'tiding"


10. We trust that you will share this gift of love and support via 911cashbblessings to everyone who you think may have a need  or a dream, whether you like them or not


11. We trust that you grasp the true intentions of this site: which gives everyone the opportunity to ask for assistance and for everyone to have the opportunity to give unconditionally. To give is to receive blessings from a higher source. To receive is to be blessed.  So the giver is blessed for giving and vice versa the receiver is allowing the giver to be blessed by receiving their gifts


12. We trust that you will truly use to really give your gifts as your way of tiding. How awesome to collectively give your tide directly to a person or a family. The creator and creation will truly smile upon such consciousness & enlightenment

13. There must be a minimum of 100  participating 'Askers'  by and per said/current month before the pot can be cashed out


14. In the event  the 911cashblessings pot is not qualify for cash out (#12) , the full amount (minus 10% for      administrative cost plus  pay-pal stander processing fee cost ) will be carried over to the next month

About Sun Prince; Why 911cashblessings?


This, is a dream come 'True'. I always wanted to help people, one way or the other. I have, now, eventually, come to realize that one of the best ways to help people is via cash, to help with their dreams and or plans. So how great it is, that, now because of the internet via anyone  and everyone can share their plans or dreams for their life's plan and any and everyone has the option to help that person or family to realize his, her or their dreams/plans unconditionally. In keeping with my determination to see that soon will be a source for anyone, race, culture, sex or type to top into for financial help, as often as they may until they too become regular Givers, via I sincerely hope that   will stay up and running as long as the internet exits.

Think about it: will unconditionally enrich 4   persons or families lives each and every month. No question ask. Finally a place where you can ask for cash help from others without any requirements, qualification, background  or credit Cheek. What a wonderful place and site to be participating with. This is true & direct tiding to the individual and or family.


After a while, we sincerely hope, as the monthly ‘911 Cash Pot’ amount increases, per million dollars, an additional 4 persons or families will be added to the total persons/families sharing the monthly 911cashblessings ‘Pot’, accordingly.

I give and receive all love & heart, Sun Prince

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